Sunday, 31 January 2010

Standing up for Vatican II: being accurate

A couple of interesting posts reporting on the inaugural meeting of Standup4Vatican2:

Fantasy, reality and Valerie Stroud and Getting it right: a reply to Valerie Stroud.

These posts are both from the new blog Reclaiming Vatican II. This blog is written in the literary genre of a "controversialist" - I do believe there is a legitimate blog genre of this type, and one has to read the element of satire in context and not jump to a lack of charity on the part of the writer. But what interests me more about this blog is that it engages with Catholic blogs that are not of its own mind. There is a very progressive word for this: dialogue. As well as the satire, there is engagement with the issues being raised, and I hope the blog will develop in that way.

I think this dialogue with blogs of a different mind might become important in the coming year, as it looks as if those involved with Standup4Vatican2 are taking to the blogosphere. I have not quite worked out how to do it yet, but I do want to have a "dialogue" section in my blogroll to encourage this.

Will the "tradosphere" and the "trendosphere" intersect or just by-pass each other?

H/T to Dolphinarium.

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