Monday, 11 January 2010

Sorry, Chris

.... I thought the three cheers for Moira Stewart just after the 7 am news bulletin was quite cute (it was repeated after the 8 am bulletin, too, on my way to school).

But when the Beatle's anthem to moral relativism was played as your first record this morning, I switched back to Radio 4 to escape. Apart from any philosophical dislike I have for it, this song is just too dreary for words (or, for that matter, for music).


Francis said...

I thought he was doing well until he had somebody phone in to prattle on about sledging. I switched off completley and tuned in to my tinnitus.

Joe said...

For cricket fans, of course, sledging refers to the bullying of (sorry, I mean banter towards) the batsman at the crease by the fielding team ... But I don't expect that that was what Chris's caller was talking about... Or was it?

Francis said...

Nothing so recondite. Just getting cold and wet in the snow.

As for the choice of song, I'm surprised he didn't pick their version of 'Money (That's What I Want)'.Or wuld that have been Jonathan Ross' selection?

Francis said...

Joe, I have just been listening to Bob Dylan's She Belongs To Me and stumbled across this analysis:

This song is about the Catholic church
�But you will wind up peeking through her keyhole down upon your knees� refers to the confessional
�She never stumbles� refers to the church�s infallibility
�She�s nobody�s child� refers to the Jesus being the son of God (and not of man)
�She wears an Egyptian ring� refers to the Papal ring
�Bow down to her on Sunday (weekly mass),
Salute her when her birthday comes (Easter)
For Halloween buy her a trumpet (All Saints� Day, which is the day following Halloween)
And for Christmas give her a drum (nice interplay with the song Little Drummer Boy)�

I beg to differ!!