Tuesday, 3 November 2009

From the blogs today

Selective reporting on child abuse and A prolife conversion, with more coverage of the latter here. Interested in the discussions of the marketing of abortion included in some of this coverage.

Religious fundamentalism or fundamentals of religion introduces a series of lectures taking place at Westminster Cathedral - but also provides a useful language for distinguishing between faithfulness to a religious belief and fundamentalism about it.

Responding to a request in the comments box: If I have posted something on this blog, I consider it to be "public domain" and I am quite happy for others to quote it. I do not mind criticism of what I have posted - that is part of blogging - but I would be a bit upset if something I wrote was mis-represented. A link to my original post would be very nice as well. I am not aware that I have posted anything that is in breach of anyone else's copyright.

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