Sunday, 8 November 2009

Abortion at the heart of wrangling over US health care legislation

Report here from the New York Times. I haven't been following this in detail, but it looks like an interesting development. I gather that the health care provisions - a key part of President Obama's electoral platform - have gone through the House of Representatives with a majority in single figures, and restrictions on federal funding of abortion being included in order to achieve that majority. How the legislation will fare in the Senate is still to be seen.

From the political point of view, if the New York Times report is giving a correct impression, it is interesting to see that it is pro-life Democrats - ie President Obama's own party - who were key in securing the inclusion of an amendment restricting federal funding of abortion.

Blog-by-the-Sea has a useful comment on this, and some links to further coverage.

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mdeals said...

After a long time, A meaningful health care reform has been passed..