Monday, 6 April 2009

"I am a Christian"

I take this from Independent Catholic News.

The National Secular Society has encouraged 100,000 people to sign a certificate to "debaptise" themselves as part of a campaign to allow people to revoke their baptisms.

Premier Radio (London's Christian Radio station) are asking Christians to publicly affirm their faith by signing a declaration for Christianity. The plan is to find 100,000 people who are prepared to publicly stand up and declare that they are Christians to show the British public that Christianity is still relevant and alive.

Please sign the declaration at: and pass this on to friends and family.

The sign up format includes a drop-down menu that allows you to declare your Christian denomination. It would be very good to see Roman Catholics well represented in signing up to this declaration. The option to declare your Roman Catholic denomination is helpful, as I would otherwise have been hesitant to sign an essentially evangelical statement of faith that lacks the ecclesial dimension essential to Catholicism.

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