Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Five Prophets on the BBC

Since The World at One was extended to 13.45, BBC Radio 4 have been broadcasting 15 minute programmes in the 13.45-14.00 pm time slot.  These vary considerably in subject matter, but are often a series of programmes that run over a week. I sometimes catch these programmes by accident. The current five part series is entitled The Prophets, and I caught the third episode - devoted to the prophet Elijah - this lunch time.

I enjoyed the programme, and found it interesting to listen to. I felt it was sympathetic to the figure of Elijah rather than hostile. It was sufficiently wide in its study of the significance to Elijah to include an account of the founding of the Carmelite's and a snippet from a female rabbi indicating a softening of Elijah's character that might be offered by liberal Judaism.

The five figues being covered in the series are Jonah, Isaiah, Elijah, Miriam and Samuel. As I post, the episodes on Jonah and Isaiah can be listened to by following links from the programme home page: The Prophets. I expect that Elijah will appear shortly, and that the final two episodes will be added as they are broadcast.

Do go and listen yourself. And remember, the pictures are much better on the radio ....

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