Sunday, 23 September 2012

Comparative politics

In the UK we call for a resignation when a government minister swears at a member of the Constabulary: Andrew Mitchell under mounting pressure in 'police insult' row.

In Pakistan, a $100 000 dollar bounty is offered by a government minister for the murder of the maker of a film in another country: Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister's bounty condemned . Today's news reporting indicates that politicians of all parties in Pakistan, including the relevant ministers own party, are distancing themselves from his offer. But does not a society that, as a question of its culture, makes a call for a bounty like this even appear a reasonable, rational option need to deeply examine its conscience in order to make sure that it does not happen again?

[In the interests of balance: the extra-judicial nature of American drone attacks against  terrorists/fighters in Pakistani territory leaves the developed nations in a morally weak position in terms of speaking out against an equally extra-judicial $100 000 bounty.]

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