Sunday, 11 September 2011

False optimism?

If Father is really determined, even the new translation isn't going to stop him!

First, what I believe has been just a genuine mistake, and rather the priestly equivalent of the occasional "And also with you" of the lay faithful. This is the saying of the offertory prayers from memory, forgetting that they have changed, though the response of the laity has not. In the spirit of today's Gospel, I can forgive this, but do expect a firm purpose of amendment!

But the, in one case ideologically motivated insertion of "all God's people" into Eucharistic Prayer II's intercession for the clergy, and in the other the insertion of a prayer for 9/11 victims into the same Eucharistic Prayer .... If Father is really determined, a new translation isn't going to stop him! [And, in the two cases here, neither would Latin, so don't even try suggesting that the extraordinary form is the answer!] At least, for one of these priests, it slowed down the express train that was formerly the Eucharistic Prayer ....

[PS to the clergy: no need to be frightened of the other Eucharistic Prayers, as I would like the chance to pray them in their new translations too!]

Compare this with a couple of sentences from Bishop Thomas' pastoral letter, read at Masses last weekend:
The purpose of the General Instruction is to bring about in our communities the most worthy and fruitful celebration possible of the Eucharist, and since 1970 we have grown in understanding through experience how to aim for this. High standards of music and of liturgical ministry have always been essential in this regard and very much remain a priority.
I am not sure whose optimism is most misplaced - mine with regard to the hope that priests would be less inclined to "make it up" after the new translation, or Bishop Thomas' with regard to the standards of liturgical ministry in his diocese.

Hands together, eyes closed ...... It's much harder when the celebrating priest is the culprit!

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"It's much harder when the celebrating priest is the culprit! "

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