Saturday, 19 February 2011

Trads on the run?

First there was the "restoration of the Traditional Mass" - not.

Then there was the "clarification" ...... which never came.

And now there is "panic" (summarised in this round-up at Hermeneutic) because the rumour is that an Instruction is about to roll back the provisions of Summorum Pontificum. Or perhaps not. Or may be. Ah, it must be a real rumour because Damian Thompson has re-posted a version of it.

It does seem to me sensible to expect some sort of instruction in the light of the feedback that was sought from bishops at the third year of implementation of Summorum Pontificum last September. But, of course, traditionalists are not the only members of the faithful who have a stake in that instruction - we all have.

And if traditionalists have over-valued the product from the beginning, then surely they shouldn't be surprised if, sooner or later, they face a degree of disappointment.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Excellent post!

Kerry said...

A rather sanctimonious post - why can't you just be honest and say what you really think?

Joe said...


I thought I had said what I think (particularly if you follow the link to my earlier post which offers my understanding of what Summorum Pontificum is about)! Perhaps you can let me know what you think I think in case I missed something out?