Wednesday, 15 September 2010

P-1: compare your clangers

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has issued a warm welcome to Pope Benedict ahead of the beginning of the Papal Visit tomorrow.

I had intended tracking down these words of Pope Benedict just as he was elected Pope, but have been saved the trouble.

Fr Tim has drawn attention to this initiative. St Mary's is where I did my teacher training - in the last century, but not at the same time as Fr Tim's father - so I find this a very interesting initiative: Benedict XVI House. I am quite taken, too, by the dedication of their oratory to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office dropped its one a few months ago:

Has the Vatican, in the person of Cardinal Kasper, kindly made it 1-1 today?

What both clangers have in common is the subsequent affirmation that neither will affect the visit, though the attack of gout being suffered by the Cardinal does appear to have its parallel in the transfer to other duties of a junior official at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Now, if I had a ticket in my hand, I would get ready for Cofton Park .... I have had a Papal flag in my window for the last week or so. Two floors up, it is at a perfect height for the upper deck of the buses that pass, and at busy times of the day have to stop in the traffic queue ...

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