Friday, 16 April 2010

Pope Benedict XVI: visit to Malta (1)

The Catholic Church in Malta has a website that has been promoting the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the island, a visit that takes place this weekend. It will presumably carry coverage of the visit itself. Ann Arco's Diary is also offering coverage (I assume that Ann has been sent to cover the visit by her employer - I don't think I am in the right job!)

The visit marks the 1950th anniversary of the shipwreck that brought St Paul ashore on the island of Malta. We should perhaps try to keep our focus on this event, and its significance in the history of the Church. The story is told at some length in Acts 27:1 - 28:14.

I was interested to notice this story on the website: Malta and Gozo dioceses Unite for National Pilgrimage.
On Friday, 9th April, 2010, Archbishop Paul Cremona OP led the National Pilgrimage, with Bishop Mario Grech, along with the participation of both the Dioceses of Malta and Gozo. This pilgrimage was held in preparation for the Papal visit

During the pilgrimage, which commenced from Mount St Joseph Retreat House, Targa Gap, to the Sanctuary of San Pawl tal-Ħġejjeġ in St. Paul’s Bay, the passage from the Acts of the Apostles which spoke of St. Paul’s Shipwreck was read. During the pilgrimage a renewal of baptismal vows took place as a proclamation of the faith which was handed down to us by the Apostle Paul 1950 years ago.
If you follow the link above, you will be able to see photographs of the pilgrimage.

I wonder whether we could do the same thing here in England, ahead of our visit from Pope Benedict in September? Or could each diocese organise a pilgrimage of its own in the week or two before Pope Benedict comes?

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