Saturday, 3 April 2010

Arcbhishop Rowan Williams: context, context, context ....

Church in Ireland "has lost all its credibility"

This is a front page headline in the Times today, reporting remarks made by Rowan Williams, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury. The headline refers to a BBC radio interview due to be broadcast on Monday, and the Church concerned is the Catholic Church in Ireland.

In the text of the report to which this is the headline, we read Archbishop Williams being quoted as follows (I have just heard the same quotation on BBC Radio 2, in an advance trail of Monday's interview during a news bulletin):
And in an institution so deeply bound into the life of a society suddenly becoming, suddenly losing all credibility - that's not just problem for the Church, it is a problem for everybody in Ireland.
Even this very limited context makes Archbishop Williams remarks sound rather different, and rather less of an attack on the Church, than the headline suggests.

According to another quotation of Archbishop Williams in the Times report, an Irish friend has told him that it is difficult in some parts of Ireland  to go down the street wearing a clerical collar. If this is a result of the media coverage .... On which note, read here: Why this is really happening.

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