Sunday, 28 February 2010

Learning from relationships

Mother Maria-Michael's latest reflection can be found here. The title sounds very trendy doesn't it? That coded word "relationships"! Mother writes from the perspective of religious life lived in community. But this reflection illustrates again, I believe, how those of us who live "in the world" can look to those who live the contemplative life as exemplars for the living of the Christian life. As Louis Bouyer would say, the monastic life is the Christian life to which we are all called lived out in its most radical form.

I can recognise the relevance of this reflection to one or two things that happened in my working life this week.

I also wonder if it has some relevance to the comment that has been directed at Catholic bishops and their education services in England and Wales during the last few days.

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Andrea said...

The monastic life is certainly one to look up to. For those of us who have chosen a different life path, we can still continue to engage with the religious community, as a member of the Church and through our relationships. There is so much to learn from religious relationships in the community.