Sunday, 25 October 2009

From the Newsletter

In this particular parish (not my own), the tabernacle is placed in the back wall of a side chapel, below a stained glass window depicting Eucharistic imagery. The tabernacle itself is a very worthy piece of work, the doors being very secure, prominent and decorated with Eucharistic imagery. Because there is no altar in this side chapel, the people can approach the tabernacle itself. The flooring of the chapel is, again, made of worthy materials. One might have asked for a tabernacle veil, but I do find the arrangement of the chapel a good one.
TABERNACLE: A custom has sprung up of touching or kissing the doors of the Tabernacle. Please do not do that because it is lacquered brass and such contact with the doors will blacken them. The makers recommend only cleaning with a very soft duster once a week.
Recalling Pope Benedict's catechesis on adoration ("ad oratio", to the mouth, an embrace or kiss), I would have a lot of sympathy for the piety shown in this action of touching or kissing the tabernacle. The arrangement of this chapel allows it, and there must be very few churches where it is possible. I can't help but feel that some way can be found of repairing any damage to the tabernacle without needing to discourage this practice, presumably by a relatively small number of people.

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