Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lourdes and developments with Eucharistic Adoration

Along with a few other people, I will be in Lourdes next week. Posting here will therefore be suspended from tonight until Friday. I expect I will post some photos from Lourdes when I get back.

I always find organising the Extended Days of Eucharistic Adoration (modern branding of "Forty Hours") in my parish a bit embarrassing. The response of so many different people in the parish is quite amazing - I have never asked for help with any aspect of it (eg flowers) and received "no" as the answer. All the different groups of people who get involved do so with great enthusiasm. As an expression of their faith in Jesus presence in the Eucharist it takes some beating, and the sense of the action of grace is at some moments quite tangible (see, for example, the response to the Stations of the Cross).

After this year's event in my own parish, there are the beginnings of conversations (not initiated by me, but not without my encouragement) that may lead to the "Forty Hours" being held in some of the other parishes in the deanery. These conversations are at a very early stage, so you might like to say a prayer for a suitable outcome. It is a development that would come at a critical time for the deanery and the diocese, caused by the shortage and illness/age of our priests.

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