Tuesday, 25 March 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made; we rejoice and are glad. Allelulia!

There is a feature of the Catholic blogosphere that I had not expected when I started to blog, and that has been a pleasant discovery. It might be termed a feature of "communion". In general terms, it is the way in which people share their own experiences of living a Christian life in their own particular place and circumstances. At Easter, this has meant the way in which people share the Easter celebrations in their own parishes. So, for example, Fr John has shared the way in which the Polish community gather for the blessing of food. Mulier Fortis also posted some pictures of the Triduum and Easter Day at Blackfen. In a completely different way, Rita posted a series of images of art that portrayed the events Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter morning. Since I don't really "do" art in a big way, this was quite powerful. And there are other examples out there, too.

There has also been the exchanging of Easter greetings that has taken place via the comment boxes! This post, which shows some photographs of my own parish Church, is intended as my own Easter greeting.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! :)

Mac McLernon said...

Thanks for the link, Joe... and hope you are enjoying the Easter season (even if the holidays are a little crazy this year!)